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November 29, 20150 Comments

Marcus our French Bulldog was 2 years of age when he was referred to Kelly by an orthopedic surgeon.  He had a partial ACL tear in his back left leg and a patella shift in his back right leg.  Marcus was limping and lifting his left rear leg mostly when we brought him to Kelly.  Marcus immediately connected with Kelly and  fell in love with her.  Kelly started Marcus with his PT and laser therapy treatments.  I would bring Marcus to Kelly 2 times a week for his PT.  Kelly worked with Marcus for 6 months with various exercises and water therapy and with doing exercises at home, and walks, to build muscle around the ACL tear.  Marcus stopped limping and was able to walk correctly on all four legs properly.

Kelly is very professional, kind, caring and designs the program to bring your furry family member back to the best physical health they can be.  Our Marcus has fully recovered after the 6 month program Kelly designed for him and we are totally grateful to Kelly for Marcus’s full recovery.  All you did for Marcus, we can not thank you enough.

Darlene and Marcus


October 25, 20150 Comments

“Kelly Straub is a highly dedicated professional who understands animals and their rehabilitative needs.  I highly recommend her services and will definitely go back again as needed.  I am so happy to have found such a knowledgeable certified canine rehab practitioner.”


October 12, 20150 Comments

It is a diagnosis that no pet parent wants to hear- degenerative myelopathy.  This is the diagnosis that Ginger’s mom was given when she began having difficulty walking. 


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September 6, 20150 Comments

“Our vet recommended that we euthanize our one year old pup, Clover, due to severe hip dysplasia and ligament tears in both knees.  
A second opinion led us to Kelly.  Without a doubt, Kelly’s program played a vital part in Clover’s recovery.   The transformation is almost unbelievable.   Clover was essentially putting no weight on her back legs and now she runs,  jumps, and plays.   We will call Kelly whenever Clover needs a “tune up.”  Thank you, Kelly, for your expertise,  patience,  and kindness!”

– Marisa and Clover




August 16, 20150 Comments

Justice was slowing down way too much for his parents’ liking.  This vibrant, happy dog had become a dog who only wanted to walk less than a block. 








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August 2, 20150 Comments

Largo is a search and rescue dog who has the very important job of finding lost or missing people.  However, Largo found himself sidelined from what he loves to do by a torn CCL (ACL in dogs).

His owner elected to have Largo undergo TPLO surgery which is a type of CCL surgery where the bone is cut and leveled off.    physical-therapy-after-dog-acl-surgery Continue Reading »

Ruka and Bella

July 26, 20150 Comments

Ruka and Bella are sisters whose active life had slowly changed.  Their mom became concerned when they no longer wanted to walk as far as they had been previously.  She watched their mobility decline.  canine-rehab-arthritis-elbow-harrisburg-pa Continue Reading »


July 12, 20150 Comments

As a pup, Finn began limping and not using his back leg.  After seeing an orthopedic surgeon, he underwent surgery for a torn CCL (ACL in dogs).  finnsmiling









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July 12, 20150 Comments

“When we started visiting with Kelly, our little Beagle, Amber, was in terrible shape.

There is not much worse than watching the very same little dog that stayed by your side through everything that life threw at you for the past 9 years shake in pain.  We first took her to see Dr. Whalen who suggested we meet with Kelly.  Along with medications and Kelly’s treatments, Amber was almost back to her old self again.  Then, we had a set back.  Amber was again in major pain.  We met with Dr. Kirmayer who gave her some meds and suggested a CAT scan.  He told us that she may need back surgery.  Putting any cost aside, Amber is not the kind of dog to go through something like that… she HATES being in a crate.  I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to my best friend.  Lucky for us, no surgery was needed.  Amber has degenerative disk disease.  No surgery can help that.  With continued treatments with Kelly as well as Kelly’s suggested exercises to do at home with Amber, Amber is back to herself again.  Kelly couldn’t have been any nicer.  She was so good with Amber and made sure she had the best care.  I am so grateful for Kelly as well as Dr. Whalen and Dr. Kirmayer.”


July 12, 20150 Comments

“Kelly cared about me and is one of the biggest reasons I am back up on my paws.”- Tipper (male dachshund, 13 years old, recovering from back surgery)

from Tipper’s parents- “Kelly’s care and compassion for our dog is one of the biggest reasons he is back on his paws.”